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I think Naruto will be a good father. I saw so many SS-stories, when Sasuke thankes Sakura for children and her love. But i don`t remember any of it with NH. He had not parents` love, so i think he will do everything for his family. I`m sure he will even cry, when his first baby will come, lol. And i love your blog!~ From Russia with love.


Naruto will be the best father! He’s going to love his kids and teach them about good things like caring for others and never giving up. And bad things like how to properly prank your teachers in school. He and Hinata will give all the love in the world to their kids. 

I’ll stop here bc I’m almost crying omg asdfghgfdsa

And thank you very much <3 

btw I love your icon!


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hey girl, could you recommend any good naruhina fanfictions?? thanks in advance :3


I already did this once, so I’ll add some I’ve read that are pretty good too.

Naruto The Kitsune Hanyou (The kyuubi is female here lol q)

AU - Kyuubi never attacked Konoha and instead fell in love with the Fourth Hokage and married him. She soon gives birth to a hanyou son named Naruto. Watch Naruto on his journey to become the first hanyou Hokage.

Naruto Hatake

AU. What if Naruto had been raised by Kakashi his entire life and how would raising Naruto change Kakashi’s life as well?

Entwined by Love, Enslaved by Fate

A moment. A glance. A smile. Miraculous that the strongest of bonds can form from so simple a gesture. Destiny is not sentimental, however, and it is often the strongest of bonds that must withstand the strongest storms. Two shinobi will form such a bond, and endure the most ferocious storm the world has ever seen.

The Way of the Geisha

When Hinata was kidnapped by Kumo, Hiashi could not save her and everyone thinks she died. She ends up in a very different life from the ninja she was supposed to be, but her ninja life is never far behind her.

They are all beautiful!

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